“By how many people must we be loved in order to be happy? Two? Five? 10? Or maybe only one? The one who gives us sight. Who takes away fear. Who brings meaning into our existence.”

– “A Well Tempered Heart” by Jan-Philipp Sendker


2 thoughts on “One

  1. Nodegrees says:

    I have not read this book so this may sound off-base.

    When I think of being happy it’s always easiest to say “it comes from inside you” and you need no one else – lovely thought but that’s a simplification. In my life having that one person that you come home to that makes you happy is truly everything; that listens and is engaged when you talk about your day, good or bad because they are genuinely interested (I am not saying I have that.). That person that can make you happy that day, every day. Someone that challenges you yet doesn’t complicate things – ie. not always at odds with you when you need to address issues with the kids. The one who still talks at dinner or cuddles on the couch when watching a show. The one that brings you comfort with every hug. Yes, it takes but one – the right one.

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