In 2017 there will be a renewal of…

absolutely, positively hope. yes, a renewal of hope

love, love, love. you may have gone astray at times, but I challenge you, love, to a renewal

meditation. from the candle gazing ceremony last night where the flame represented change to the seconds of deep, conscious breaths, meditation is surely up for renewal

without a doubt motivation will stand strong. you have been by my side for as long as I can remember and 2017 will be no different

magnified compassion. pushing its limits. to overcome.

ADVENTURE. oh where did you go? Surely you must know you did not show up nearly enough in 2016!

and of course peace. peace within my heart. within my soul.

happiness. that radiates. that shines from my eyes and leaves a dusting. everywhere.

Are you ready 2017? I am!



4 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. Nodegrees says:

    Renewell is such a healthy challenge to all of us. Thank you for these words.
    Allowing yourself to know and feel hope, love and joy gives us the foundation foundation for the happiness you/we can radiate. Yes there is a risk but that risk pays back one hundred fold. Adventure without this is empty. You are blessed in many ways. You have given the most beautiful gift anyone can give – the gift of life and never ending love to your boys. As you meditate remember their eyes and their perfection and the love that fills you for them. Maybe that is where you will find your truth?

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