I feel it. Rising in my chest. My breath quickens. I sweat. Trembling. Almost difficult to focus. I’ve started to share – but only so much. And at times there is regret following. To explain is a challenge. They aren’t there. But I don’t want it anymore. And it’s so hard. It’s not okay. It’s not okay. So tell me how to let it go?


Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.       – Eckhart Tolle


8 thoughts on “Anger

  1. therealjonfreedman says:

    In my case it hasn’t been “letting it go” as much as changing my relationship to emotions, like anger, anxiety, and a host of others. For me it was letting go of the shame underneath the emotions.

    Anyway, be strong. And share if it helps you. It is appreciated.

    • butterboop22 says:

      Hmmm.. that is an interesting perspective – changing my relationship to emotions. I can’t say I feel shame underneath this emotion (anger) but I can say at times (based on circumstances) I feel it so strongly. I am conscience of this and aware. It’s just been so hard to feel it, see it, and then get rid of it.
      Thanks so much for your thoughts 🙂

  2. Nodegrees says:

    Don’t you just love the holidays!

    Anger is an unhealthy emotion. We all need to learn the life skills to turn it into acceptance or yes even forgiveness. Anger is usually not anything that brings us positive outcome. Never hold onto it! I hope you are able to vent because that is the first step. The next is to move the emotion in a positive direction. Finding a target for your anger is distructive.

    • butterboop22 says:

      Actually I do….I do love the holidays. I love the smells, the lights, family, food, excitement….
      Is anger an unhealthy emotion? Maybe its the potential response to anger that is unhealthy? Truly I have not been searching for a target. Unfortunately, there have just been people present in my life who have done things/said things that evoked this emotion. I am just trying my best to meddle through it all.

      • Nodegrees says:

        Frank I agree. Anger in and of itself can at times move us to actions that can be positive BUT I don’t trust it. When it escalates or remains unchecked I can be unhealthy or even dangerous for all around us. As a parent, when we display anger that is inchecked around our babies what are we modeling ? What are they learning?

      • butterboop22 says:

        I guess my post was not clear. I do not display anger that is unchecked in front of my children. I certainly do not believe I have anger issues. I was only writing about an emotion that surfaces for me as a result of others’ actions towards me or my children, words spoken to me that are unfair or not true.

  3. Nodegrees says:

    No, I understood your post. I was talking about anger in general. Given your previous threads I don’t see that in your heart but I simply think that anger left unchecked can be destructive. Ieven at low levels and antidotal occurrences it leaves scars and can create a hostil environment. Also please know that when I say unhealthy I mean mentally and physically. I was blessed to be raised in a home with very anger or hostility.

    • butterboop22 says:

      You were blessed. I wish I could say the same about growing up in a home with little anger or hostility. But life isn’t perfect. And I guess there is a lesson in all of our experiences.

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