Yesterday I was briefly listening to a podcast from Pema Chodron. Actually, I was half listening – multitasking. But, she said something that grabbed my attention. She talked about how we often blame today for past issues.  It’s true, our past may have resulted in today. And all too often we can get caught up in making excuses of why we are where we are. “Oh it’s because this happened”….”This happened to me”….”I shouldn’t have done that”….We are all probably guilty of using our past as a crutch of some sort.

But it’s all past tense. If we want to shape our future, it’s today, this moment that counts.

In many ways, hearing this felt good. Freeing. Letting go.

Although I may not express what Pema Chodron so eloquently stated, remember this: Today….there is hope.


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. therealjonfreedman says:

    When my marriage was collapsing a casual friend gave me a copy of Ms. Chodron’s “When Things Fall Apart.”

    It was the springboard to my growing interest in Buddhism, as a philosophy, as a healthier way to look at the world. Chodron expresses herself so simply, so elegantly and so logically that I find myself nodding at how much sense her words make.

    There is hope. Emily Dickinson wrote, “hope is the thing with feathers.”

    I’m not sure it gets more simple than that.

    Be well.

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