On Being a Mom…

What’s it like to be a mom?

It’s extremes of emotions. I’d be lying if I said my boys do not ever make me so very angry or frustrated. Oh, but the love. The love I feel for them both. It’s bursting. The vastness of love I never knew before being a mom.

It’s connectedness. When my boys feel such strong emotions as hurt, anxiety, pure happiness, I feel it too. They once were both literally connected to me, my body. And somehow, in some amazing way, they both still are despite the physical cord no longer being attached.

It’s learning. Every single day, I am learning. Both boys seem to present me with what seems like pop quizzes in the class of parenting. While I admittedly do not pass all, I do my best in the moment. And always reflect back on how I can do better.

It’s giving. Never has it felt so beautiful to give to someone or something as it has to give to my children. In giving to them, I hope it positively trickles to the world however small it may be.

Being a mom is the ultimate journey. One that does not lead to a destination, but provides a continuous ride. A ride that may not always be smooth. But one that has been and is certain to continue to be, the best ride of my life.

I thank my children for giving me the title of “Mom.” It’s been a dream come true.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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