Do you know how often I find myself crying? Building up, it seeps out. Threatening to present itself. At times I hold it in, desperately trying to lock it up. Go away. Just go away. My life feels like I have walked through a solid pane of glass and found myself looking in. Knowing there is no way to cross back over. Peering through, I am scared. Who am I? Where am I?  Please help.


2 thoughts on “Crying

  1. NoDegrees Oftruth says:

    Part of the path to enlightenment is opening ourselves up to our true selves and not this works has created. Over the course of your posts it is obvious that you have loved, are loved and have been loved. A positive view of these experiences says that we should embrace the beauty in these moments in our lives – not crying but smiling for that time.

    • butterboop22 says:

      While I don’t disagree and in fact agree completely with embracing the beauty of it all, I struggle because I am a mom mostly. And therefore, the impact of all my actions are not just felt by myself.

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