Figuring it out

So yes it’s “official,” I am a Reiki 1st degree practitioner. Funny, I was “practicing” on my youngest son last night. I had my hands on either side of his head. After probably less than a  minute, he wiggles around and says “ok that is weird. stop.” It made me smile. It’s energy. All around us. Energy. If nothing us, the workshop was a reminder to slow down, be still, be present, meditate. It strengthened me in a way that I know I can move forward, figuring it all out.

Could I confess something? During the introduction at the workshop (there were only five of us plus the teacher/master), I completely embarrassed myself. Important to note here, my neighbor was also a part of this workshop. At the time, I felt so vulnerable, in pain, needing, searching. But, at the end of the day, reflecting back, I became embarrassed thinking about it. I’ll admit the day did not feel as though it fulfilled what I was hoping. As a result, my initial “breakdown” somehow felt in vain. It’s only been over the course of the days following that I am figuring it out. Maybe I didn’t receive what I was hoping, but I received what I needed? And that is where the strength lies.

There is a Reiki 2nd degree workshop being offered next month. Somehow for me it feels too rushed, not right for me at this time, maybe never.

But I know, either way, it’s all going to be ok. Because I’m figuring it all out.


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