I had just been telling a friend I wish I could fast forward in time to see my boys in a good place. And to hear them say “Thank You Mom.” To have them be in a place, at a maturity level, where they truly understand and can look at me all-knowing and say “Thank You.” Then I feel like I could be a little less unsure of myself as a parent for I would already know they get it, they are grateful. Does that make sense? I obviously can not travel forward in time, so I proceed cautiously fully understanding that as a mom I will not be perfect, I will make mistakes. But…there are those moments in time. Those moments when my children do or say something. And in those moments, I am that much more proud, for I see how wonderful they both are becoming. Sometimes it’s in the simplest of acts. For example, when I see my 15 year old approach a door, step aside, and hold it open for a person. (It has amazed me how this tiny act of kindness has seemed to be lost in many). Yes, this a moment when I am proud. He also told me last week he convinced his Biology teacher to place him in Honors Chemistry next year. This was all his own doing, I had no idea. He is being proactive, vocal, persistent about his academics. Yes, this is a moment when I am proud. My 10 year old was presented the Sportsmanship Award two weeks ago at hockey. The team parents vocalized what a great kid he is, always with manners, always supporting the team. When they lost the championship, he was not crying…he was the one telling his teammates they did a good job, tapping them on their backs. Yes, this is a moment when I am proud.
If I remain present, it’s apparent I don’t need to travel through time in order to see that my boys “get it.” They are showing me all the time they do. They get it. How lucky am I?


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