I took this picture recently. After uploading it to my computer, I realized it was more symbolic than initially anticipated. The ferry ride had been a relatively smooth one until we started to break through the ice. You could hear the ship struggling as it made its way through, vibrating the floors, chairs, and tables. Looking down at the ice was beautiful. But looking ahead to the shore line was almost breathtaking. There was beauty in the struggle and beauty in the destination. I must admit, I have been struggling. I am desperately trying to stay focused. To take deep breaths. To calm my mind. My thoughts. I have started to think about truths. And mostly what they mean to different people. Truth is black and white – to me. There are no shades of grey. It’s a yes or no. I think when people try and grey their truth it’s simply a way to manage a mistake. Or maybe a weakness. Truth, bare-boned truth, can hurt. But is undeniable so easier (not to be confused with easy) to accept for that very reason. Truth bares no excuse. It doesn’t need one. It just needs to be accepted. It’s the shades of grey that align with excuses and ultimately hurt more than one can imagine. I don’t believe truth to be flexible. In fact I find that contradictory. It is what it is. What are your truths?


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