Light at the End of the Tunnel?

So this past week or so I have had several “challenging” experiences. The first took place during a yoga class – a class time, class teacher, I had not attended before or knew. Sometimes a yoga teacher is a perfect match for what you may be needing that particular day. This appeared not to be the case this time however. There was another student who more or less sat and looked around the whole class, the teachers voice did not resonate with me well, and I did not feel much energy from the room. But then I centered – or at least tried. I went into myself. Meditated. I desperately needed the flow of this class, the sweat, the movement. And I viewed these outside obstacles as a challenge for me. A challenge to put what I have learned over the past few years into place. Was it easy? No way. But I did it. And it made me laugh afterwards. Laugh in a way that was pure medicine. Interestingly and coincidentally, during my most recent yoga class the teacher read us a story. The author escapes me now. But the grounding point made was something like this: learn to love whatever is in your way so it ceases to become an obstacle. How I love when things just seem to come together. To come full circle.

My second “challenging” experience was a juice cleanse for two days. I had this insistent push to do this, and do it immediately. (You need to know I LOVE food!) I noticed a lightness during these two days, but certainly a lack of strength. I spent a lot of time lying down and watching TV – this is far from the norm for me. You know what? The rest – I needed. I put minimal expectations on myself. I just was. I noticed it wasn’t so much that I was hungry as much as I simply thought about food, wanting food. Food does more than feed our bodies. It’s so much more complicated. This lightness I felt, it was what I needed though. I woke up early on the third day, shoveled some new fallen snow and walked my dog through the neighborhood, street lights still on, our footsteps the only sound. It was so so beautiful outside. All bundled up, the cold air felt refreshing, it felt energetic.
Once in a while there is always the wonder, Is there, will there be, light at the end of the tunnel? It’s peeking through. I see the shadows. It’s hope.


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