There are times when I feel I am going through the motions of day to day life. I have noticed, however, I am better at stopping and truly being in the moment. Moments go by so very fast. And then there are times when I just want to turn my brain off. To sleep away any uncomfortable feelings. Taking a deep breath is at times medicine. I have come to realize so much is perspective. Training my brain to look at things a bit differently. What a difference this can make.
I had this conversation with my ten year old two days ago. He was starting to feel like no one was getting along – not his friends, not his brother and he, not his father and I. I told him what I saw – him sledding with his friends, his brother giving him a hug, and his father and I having nice conversations. He could not deny these statements. And once I put those happier perspectives in his mind, he calmed. His perspective was changed ever so slightly, but enough to give him, and me, a bit of peace.
So with each passing day, I am learning and growing. I am stronger. As days go by, moments slip by, I am getting stronger.


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