A New Decade…

Today I begin a new decade of my life. Aging has always been something I have struggled with. I have tried to remain optimistic, trying to embrace the changes that aging brings. I remember a friend of a friend once saying she loved each new birthday because she was so lucky to experience that new year. How true. So I repeat this to myself frequently throughout the year, but truly feeling it, is quite something different. With age, comes wisdom. Naturally. I have gained that many more experiences, I have made mistakes, I have felt pain, I have felt happiness. I naturally would have a bit more wisdom with each passing year, month, day. So this weekend I have been so present. I have allowed the feeling of being present soak my being. Yesterday I brought the boys to a large county fair. As my youngest and I stood in line for a ride – a ride that spins in a large circle first forward then backward playing loud music – we watched as an elderly woman rode with what appeared to be her older son. She was so full of expression, laughing, smiling, hair blowing from the speed of the ride, sliding to her left into the arms of her son. This was no kids ride. It was so amazing in so many ways to watch her. The boys also joined an elderly man on the Ferris Wheel. He was ahead of them in line. The worker stopped him saying he could not allow a single rider and asked if there was anyone willing to join him. My boys did. What a sweet, sweet moment. These moments in time exemplify their character. They are glimpses into their true being. So as my nine year old greeted me in the kitchen this morning dressed with a suit coat and dress shirt, took my breakfast order, made me tea, and played music all in honor of my Birthday, I smiled. I smiled knowing and feeling I am so lucky, so loved, and so, so very proud. I guess I don’t need a Birthday to mark a new beginning. But it’s a nice reminder that each day is a new day. And I have so much, I am so grateful, I am so blessed.


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