The Middle

Have you ever felt like you are floating in that middle space? The space where your feet are not quite touching the ground. Where every day you feel like you are not able to look back yet not able to look forward. And yet I have this sense of urgency to make every moment of my life matter. It’s too short. Life is too short. It makes me think of those books. The ones where at the end of every chapter you decide in which way you want the story to go. You get a choice, which depending on the choice you make, directs you to a certain page. In some ways it’s like a scavenger hunt. This is what my life feels like right now. I am getting a choice. And every choice I make, my life turns in that direction. The direction my choice pointed me towards. At times this feels like so much pressure.  Is it ironic though that being in that middle space somewhat mimics being present? Present in today. Not in the past. Not in the future. Today.


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