Beginning, End, Beginning

Is it paradoxical that the end of something is just the beginning of something new? Another change, significant change, will occur in less than two weeks. Initially, my whole body had difficulty adjusting. My whole being was set off kilter. I had to find my new balance. My new stability point. I can try not to feel. But in the end that won’t help. I need to feel. I need to learn. I need to move forward. I am so blessed to have so much love surround me. I am lucky. But I still have to narrow my vision at times, to pull the circle in so-to-speak so that my children are at the center. I am reminded of my reason for all that I do. My oldest son looked at me last week and said the most beautiful four words. Four words that will carry me through. Four words that ease my breath. “I am happy Mom.” If that is an end leading to a new beginning, then I can do this. 


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