Small Steps

Ironic how sometimes life feels like it’s moving in slow motion while other moments feel so fleeting. If this whole process has taught me anything, it is to be present. My separation is not official in that the Court has not deemed it so. The mere thought of a Court essentially confirming and therefore making official our decision about our lives, feels so wrong. In fact the thought alone makes me defensive. Separating is so personal and quite individual in that the circumstances surrounding it can be so complex, so unique. Is it not my right to determine what is right and wrong for my family? Truly I don’t need a Court to put their stamp of approval to know this any more than I already do. But such is the process and honestly one I am not looking forward to experiencing. To be clear, this is not why our separation has hung on now for a year and a half – to simply avoid Court. It’s not about avoidance. Really it’s the opposite. We have two boys. This will shape them forever. I have learned and luckily been coached by close friends to slow down. Part of this is learning, feeling, experiencing, enduring, overcoming, teaching. Rushing through will quickly get me to the other side but so much could be lost as a result. I have been determined to show my children that we will always be a family. Yes,  our family will exist differently than it once was. But is that bad? Does it have to be a negative? At the end of the day I have no one instance I can blame for getting us Here. The emotions are so deep. The layers upon layers of moments that stacked so high it toppled are complex in many ways. Also, a big part of me does not want blame to enter my space nor his. Blame won’t help, it won’t cure, it won’t fix any of this. I know as a mother I am doing what is right for my children. Isn’t that what really matters after all?


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