An Unlikely Path…

Is separating the same as quitting? When parents decide to separate does that equate to selfishness? I stood in front of 225 of my closest friends and family and vowed forever to my husband. That was nearly 15 years ago. Two beautiful boys, a wonderful home, and a seemingly seamless life and we find ourselves Here.  Here is a place I fought hard not to ever reach. Here is not what I had planned. In fact, Here, is completely opposite of all that I believed and hoped for in my life.  So am I quitting? Am I being selfish? Well, about a year and a half ago I found Here staring me in the face. Initially, even I looked at my life like an outsider. I wasn’t acknowledging the many layers  that landed us both Here. But, I have started to peel the layers away, surround myself with positive people and discover that being Here is not quitting nor is it being selfish. It’s about discovery, awakening, clarity, and yes, love.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go.” – Hermann Hesse


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